Medihealth (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 as a Third-Party-Administrator (TPA), initially just to serve customers from various countries travelling to Thailand. Our tedious work throughout the years is a proven track of our professionalism and expertise in delivering fast, accurate and effective service, at par with international standards. In lieu of this, we decided to venture into the local market and offer the same service to the domestic market and support the Thai Insurance industry.

           Medihealth (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. is the first provider of TPA services in Thailand, with its very own electronic healthcard network. Services provided vary from providing healthcare data management via information technology, to claims administration services for insurance companies, government institutions and private organizations.

           Medihealth (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. is an associate of Medilink-Global UK, with 19% investment between Medihealth-Global Asia. Asia’s first secured and trusted electronic healthcare network and strategic partner. We cater to the needs of our associate partners, and clients that they service, from personal insured individuals, insurance companies, brokers, agents and healthcare providers, delivering outstanding service no matter how simple or complex the case may be.